Monday, 11 September 2017

Omorai-kun Chapter 14 [English] [Manga] Volume 2 Start & General Update

I was going to do the next Izumo chapter, but I really couldn't be bothered so I might as well get started on Omorai volume 2. And man does time fly because it has literally been about 7 months since volume 1. Granted, I have done a bunch other shit during that time, but it seems that I have neglected our lovable beggars for far too long.
Anyway, as I said before, I won't be doing much Nagai in future or taking upon new works of his because I have been concentrating too much on it in the recent year or two, because I want to break free and start on different manga, and because I have a huge-ass backlog of manga to scanlate that I have bought and I might as well list them all for curiosity's sake:
  • JUST!! - A Yaoi Manga (don't ask. got it for cheap) (Now Complete)
  • Mazinger Z Anthology (one off)
  • Thunderbolt Fantasy - Otome Genyuuki (maybe)
  • Higurashi Hinamizawa Bus-stop Manga (Complete)
  • Gun x Sword (Complete)
  • Betterman (Complete)
  • Suishou to Biroudo
  • Himegimi no Icon
  • Sprinter wa Nemurenai
  • Suzu-chan no Neko
  • Izumo (Now Complete)
  • Shojo Fujubun (Didn't realise it got officially released, so go buy it. It's great)
  • Various Go Nagai artbooks/databooks (half of which I've done now)
  • Shit-ton of various anime misc data/interview/artbooks (I'll get around to them sooner or later)
See what I mean? In other words, before I even consider more Nagai/Dynamic Pro outside of Omorai & Getter Robo Darkness, I need to get a good bit of my backlog done. To add on that, from what I have listed, is anyone interested in any particular work? If you are, then let me know and I'll bump it up the list of things to do. Other than that, enjoy the Omorai chapter. See ya!


  1. From the list, the ones who I am more interested are Mazinger Z Anthology, Betterman, Gun X Sword, Izumo

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  3. and all the mangas have sent to you, where are they ? you don't put them in this list, so you've pick up me my mangas for free ?

    1. I didn't put them on the list because they're Go Nagai, because I'll get around to them when I have the time, and because they're things that "I" bought, retard. And I've told you this so many times before, but you just don't get it.

      You don't control me. Stop assuming that I'll do it when you want me to. I have a life outside of scanlation, a job and other things that I like to do, so all this being done on my own free time means that I choose what I want to do and when.

      All of which I have told you many times before, but you have the mental capacity of an insect so you simply ignore all of that while screeching at me like a woman.

      Get with the program, man. Go motherfucking Nagai is not the only type of manga that I work on and I have to make room for other things. Also, I did not "steal" anything. You sent them to me and I told you that I would get around to them whenever I have the time, and you know what? This shit takes time.

      So, grow up, stop harassing me, and don't bother fucking responding, either. Because I won't respond back. Now get the fuck out of my sight, you disgusting piece of shit.

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    I've sent you many books that you've asked me and you don't have scan them and you speak ?

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  6. and to finish, you never said that you'll do them when you want, you've told me that you make them quickly otherwise, I NEVER sent them to you, fool, stop taking you for a god, trash

  7. Thanks xPearse, I'm interested in most of those releases in your backlog, I'll be waiting for them.

  8. I am, too, @hyper rion, because Nagai is mostly the same while all these other works offer plenty of variety. Can't wait 'till I get through them all myself.