Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Terra ForMars Gaiden - Onizuka Keiji - Chapter 2 [English] [Manga]

Took a while to get this done seeing how there was a good bit of text and that it was 40 pages long and that I have had the cold (the deadly Japanese cold) and cough for about 5 days now, but aside from that, this chapter was pretty darn good. It was funny, interesting and rather entertaining overall. Very excited for the next chapter. However, before that comes the next Mashira which to be honest, doesn't look very good.
Well, that's because they're just sitting in the community centre talking about stuff the entire chapter. In any case, I'm sad to say that there still has not been any news of the main series yet. I really want to see where the story is going, but I also hope that the author gets better as we won't get it without him. All in all, they said Autumn so hopefully before the year's end we'll hear something. Until next time. See ya!

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