Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Mashira - Chapter 17 [English] [Manga] & Terra ForMars Back Off Hiatus

Another short chapter, but at least it's still coming out and stuff are happening. That aside, Terra ForMars was announced as coming back early next year so that is good news. There's not much to be said about, though. So, that also aside, I'm very disappointed that the Royal Mail did not operate today due to the weather (which wasn't that bad in Belfast) because that meant my pre-order for PUBG did not arrive on the day it should have, and now I have to miss out on all the first-day fun. Meh. Fortnite (which is pretty good, I'll say) will have to tide me over until it comes tomorrow which it fucking better or I'll be even more pissed.
Ganbare, Sasuga-dono!
That, and that headset I ordered like 3 fucking weeks ago from in the UK should arrive, too. Weather smeather. In any case, enjoy the Mashira chapter. Those are some pretty huge monkeys in that cave and there's quite a lot of them. Things don't look too good for the people of the village. That concrete won't stand a chance against those tank monkeys.

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