Sunday, 17 December 2017

Omorai-kun Chapter 19 - Part 1 [English] [Manga]

Lol. So Random.
Wow. This chapter was complete nonsense. Literally so random XD. Snores. Speaking of snores, even though I've been suspended from work for about a week now, I've done fuck all and have been doing stuff like a snail. Mostly due to PUBG being really good. In any case, this chapter was like 50 pages or so long so I split it into 2 chapters to make things easier.
This anime is pretty good. Check it out.
Other than that, I want to work more on Getter Edge but I really, really, really don't feel like it at the moment since it takes a good amount of effort. Meh. Try to enjoy this chapter if you can. See ya next time!

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