Monday, 26 February 2018

Betterman - Chapter 02 [English] [Manga]

This chapter actually skips ahead to like episode 7 of the anime, but like the 1st chapter, the sequencing and such are different so you might be a little confused if you haven't seen the anime. In any case, there's a few things I've got to fix in chapter 1 which is nothing overly major, so expect a v1.1 sooner or later.
I jumped when Sakura did this. Lol.
And in other news, I've started to watch the Betterman anime and it's pretty good. Funny, too. However, I had been clicking through the episodes to the respective scenes for this manga to be sure on a few things, but most of it is different right down to the dialogue and the like. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. More Higurashi coming soon! See ya!

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