Thursday, 8 March 2018

Betterman - Chapter 04 [English] [Manga]

Based Akamatsu
I found it a tad bit odd to see a few mis-translations and whatnot in Betterman. Of course, they could be mis-spellings due to R & L and stuff like that, they choose to spell it like that, they're just plain wrong, or just that they didn't do their research. In any case, let's go through a few. First is from the anime and the second one is the manga here that I'm doing.

  • Chandy - Chandi: Hindu goddess, and aspect of Pārvatī. Minor thing, but it should be Chandi.
  • Mode Warp - Modi Warp - Spelt and pronounced Modi, but says Mode in signs for some reason.
  • Kankel - Kanker: Literally means cancer in Dutch. Has meaning in relation to the villain.
  • Vivele - Vivere: Is Latin for life. The "seed of Vivere" aka the seed of life. Has meaning in relation to the plot and such if you've seen the anime. Can't talk about it without spoilers.

The last one is a big one, I'd say. The rest aren't too bad, but the right spelling is obvious except for Modi Warp as I'm sure that was just the Japanese messing up in translating from Japanese to English. In any case, enjoy the chapter. This was a good one. There's also only two more left. Lastly, in other news, my YouTube channel got shut down and I'm really fucking pissed at that. I've had it since 2006 and this is the 2nd time it's happened. I better get it back, but all I've got from Google so far is "bla bla bla copyright no can do". Well, I'll keep trying every week until I do. Anyway, see ya!

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