Sunday, 25 March 2018

Betterman - Chapter 06 - Final [English] [Manga]

Heroes never die
This was a nice end to the manga. It helps convey the message and the ending is not so grim as it is in the anime where they laugh manically like they're infected with Algernon. Here, they actually say a few words, have a message for the future, see that Akamatsu and the crew survived and see the remains of Betterman and a transformation seed because heroes never die. In other news, I checked out a few works by the author who did Getter Robo Darkness and man do I have something to say about that.
Typical page from it
The only one I really want to mention is Spider Sniper Koroshiya. There's violence and lots of sex like every 2 pages, but the entire thing is just so absurdly done that it makes me want to read it. On that, I intend to start translating the first volume soon  Anyway, I'll be checking over the chapters to make sure everything's good and ready for the volume release, so expect that very soon. Enjoy the final chapter. see ya!

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