Monday, 30 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 08 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Hopefully we find out what on earth is really going on. I mean, among other things, Alien 9 had puberty, Milk Closet had parenting and the like, but what on earth does Propeller Heaven for its meaning and themes? I have no clue. Anyway, only three chapters left. See ya!

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 07 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Literally me every morning
I'm really curious why these propeller men are doing this. Hopefully we find out in the 4 chapters left. *sniffles* Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 03 Chapter 19 [English] [Manga]

I wanted to work on some more Saga as I don't want to burn through Propeller Heaven so quickly. I'd like to let it leave a bigger impression on me by the time I finish it. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 03 Chapter 18 [English] [Manga]

And thus begins our adventure into volume 3 of Devilman Saga. Enjoy. See ya!

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 06 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Stop the bullying!
I'll be using a different font to give it a journal-like feel at times, and yeah, I'll go over past chapters to fix things up and change the fonts when I finish the volume. Also, does this entire thing take place in her book? Guess we'll find out what's really going on soon, but it's such a shame that this or any of Tomizawa's other works never got an anime adaptation, or heck, even something to finish off the rest of Alien 9 which would have been cool. However, there probably just wasn't enough interest in any of them at the time. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Chapter 6 [Manga] [English]

Gayness Intensifies
I was wondering when Ciel was gonna appear. Anyway, the next and final chapter of volume 1 of this is a big one about 40 pages long, so I'll probably be putting that one off for a bit. Though, considering I do like one of these per month, it'll probably be about a month from now that I'll start on it/have it out. Hopefully. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. Bai bai!

Hinamizawa Bus Stop - Chapter 08 [English] [Manga]

I love bugs!
That was a heavy chapter. Phew. Glad I got that one done. Now there's only two chapters left, and that's the volume/story done. In other news, I started to take apart today that JUST yaoi manga about two guys and a girl in a love triangle or something like that which I'll start scanning soon. I need something to work on after this and Propeller Heaven while doing more Saga.
The latter which I'm gonna cry after finishing. You will, too, and you'll see why when I finish it. *sad face* Anyway, on Saga, expect more of that soon. Enjoy this chapter. See ya!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 05 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Ha ha. Shit just got real there. By the way, all those people better not be dead with the "ceased to function" thing. Especially that girl with the glasses. Please don't be. She's cute. Anyway, once again, what the hell is going on and what the hell is going to happen next? Typical Tomizawa. Guess we'll find out soon. Enjoy the chapter. More Higurashi is coming next! See ya!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 04 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

And just like me, you're probably wondering what the fuck is really going on here. Things do get crazier in the next chapter or two, so hopefully we'll get to see what's the whole jist of things. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 03 [English] [Manga]

Another chapter for all 2 people reading this. One of them being myself. However, I am enjoying it. Anyway, see ya!

Devilman Saga Volume 02 [English] [Manga]

There wasn't exactly anything to fix or touch up on, so this is exactly the same as the online chapters. At any rate, do enjoy Devilman Saga #2 in its entirety. See ya!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 17/Volume 2 - END [English] [Manga]

And that's the end of volume 2, but again, it's another tease for the next one with Akira fully transforming into this version of Devilman. Anyhow, I'll be starting on volume 3 very soon, but first, I must work on more Propeller Heaven. Also, the volume compile will be coming tomorrow. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Battle Royale 2 - Blitz Royale (Manga Review)

You wanted cute girls doing cute army things
with traumatic drama? Well, fuck you, buddy.
I intended to write this review back when I had read the manga not too long ago, but I only got around to it now. Anyway, while this was bad, it wasn't the worst thing ever. Lots of people complained about the art and said that it was pretty bad, but it's regular Tomizawa if you ask me. Nothing really noteworthy aside from the usual things from Mr. I don't like doing backgrounds, and that it looks more obviously traced over 3d models than his other works and looks kinda off-model from time to time. The main fault of this is its rushed story, shallow characters and lack of overall development. However, I'll agree on the art is bad part when it comes to the adults as they're stupidly cartoonish, and while that is intentional, it just doesn't work well in this art-style. And lastly on the art, it is understandable why so many hated the art after coming from the BR 1 manga because the difference is drastic. And while I'm on BR 1, the BR 2 manga is devoid of any sort of comedy that the first one had, but one shouldn't let such things influence what they think of this one too much.
At any rate, on to the characters and plot. Now, the characters are given a thing or two, but everyone's just so badly written and one-dimensional outside of like 2 characters who at the same time are still not done well. The MC Makoto or who I like to call not Yuri naturally has bad luck, but has a charm to counteract this a bit which is stolen by a cartoony-looking soldier first thing, and then her bad luck apparently rubs off on everyone and they blame her for all sorts of shit including the whole ordeal which is rather realistic. Because anyone in that situation especially children would automatically look for someone to take the blame for why they're in such a mess. She's not very good as a main character as she really doesn't do much, but the guilt of her thinking that her bad luck caused everything leads her to in the end shoot herself, so there is that. Although, she doesn't die by that.
I want to nibble dem ears
The only other noteworthy character is the main male lead, Nomura. Granted, he does have a thing or two, but he's still underdeveloped and shallow as fuck with his whole act. At the start, the girls on a trip jump into the boy's room, and after some vodka, and everyone pairing up, the teacher comes so everyone pretends to be sleeping. Yuri pairs up with Nomura and they both jump in his bed. He's handsome and cool looking from his appearance alone, but it turns out he's an evil, possessive dickhead who only cares about himself, gets people killed, gropes the main character and tries to rape her at bomb-point since he gets the collar controller. Why isn't he the main character? I'm liking him already. Nah. He was pretty fucking annoying.
And by that, he means rape. Please die.
The first few points are pretty realistic as while it doesn't say or show, the main lead probably didn't know him that well and thought of him as this super awesome guy, and from her initial interest in him and him in her, he then desires and wants to dominate her. Did this just happen at random from this or did he desire her long before the manga began? Well, fuck you because it's never touched upon or shown. I mean, we could have perhaps had a flashback of sorts showing a few things which could give him a better and developed reason to do the things that he does so that he's not just some evil shit using everything to his own advantage, but it doesn't go into why he is like that in the first place. He just is because reasons. Perhaps, we could have found out why if we got more volumes. More on that later. By the end of it, he has a love/hate thing going on with Makoto, so, stealth male yandere character? By the way, I fucking love yandere! Ahem. As for any other characters worthy to mention, well, there was that girl who reminded me of Tomine who is a friend of the MC and is cute, but like most of the cast, they're throw-away characters with little to no development, so they may as well not exist. Simply right-click, and delete, just like my life. Oops.
Yes, design a map, lists of squads and names
and don't really use either. Great job, bro.
And now the plot. Obviously if you know what BR is, then its obviously about them all having to kill one another and shit. But this one is different. They're in an academy of sorts run this time by the navy and they have to progress by earning points for their team through completing various tasks so that they can get food and equipment. Sounds interesting, right? Well, fuck you because it's barely touched upon and shown. The entire first volume is just the initial test and not much even happens. They literally fail to clean bodies off the beach, and have to take one guy in a building down, and the 2nd volume has the CTF at the end which is literally everyone shooting each other in the face the moment the teacher tells them to start. Honestly, we should have had multiple tasks for the squads to complete which would have given us tit for tat between the squads or development and then the big CTF one at the end where everyone's emotions and beef with one another climaxes, but not so anti-climatically (I'm guessing that was intentional because war is like that?) like what we got. Something like the end battle being half the volume and shit getting real with characters we grew to like dying as the CTF progresses. Literal wasted potential: The Manga.
Stupid how they just kill each other when none of them are mentally prepared for it or had to do it in a previous exercise. And no, crackers, water and no beds don't make people kill each other. Especially children. Done just for the edge, I presume.
Overall, this had good ideas and a good set-up, but the execution was pretty bad. It needed better developed characters and to be more than 2 volumes long because there just wasn't enough time to tell a story like this. Because things could have been better planned out and done if there was more. I mean, imagine Alien 9 or Milk Closet with only 2 volumes. It would be terrible. However, even if there was only meant to be 2 volumes, they really should have spent their time better with volume 1 as not much happens for the most part. The 2nd volume was certainly better than the first because stuff actually happened, but I hated how they skipped days in the academy when the MC was recovering from her wound. What they literally do is tell, not show (single panels don't count) when it's meant to be the fucking opposite. Show us the build-up of emotions and events over their duration in the academy, idiot! And no, like Tomizawa does in his other works, he allows you to use your imagination like what a good book does to fill-in a bunch of stuff, but you don't get that here. Everything's like an afterthought.
I was like "no no no no" when this bit happened
Anyway, let's bring this disorderly mess of a review to an end. Despite the 1st volume being extremely weak, the 2nd one was pretty decent with some good bits. The disdain of the squads and their actions (drawing "I'm coming to kill you" in the sand directed toward the MC, dropping shit at their door and stuff) against the main one because of their point difference (everyone else gets crackers and water IIRC while they get actual food) due to the task in the first volume that only they took part in, and the girl getting crushed under the elevator were my favourite parts. However, the ending was a rushed mess, and that sequel bait at the end didn't help. Nor did the crappy message of fertilising the soil for future soldiers.
Character? What character?
Also, no, not the evil, tanned loli killing her!
I can't remember. That is a girl, right?
I mean, if this was meant to promote the mediocre BR 2 movie, well, it never did a very good job. I would say that Tomizawa wasn't the right man for the job, but that's plain wrong. He's good, and this could have turned out rather well. There's many good things and ideas, but they're just not well executed which hampered the manga greatly. Was it production problems? Was he only allowed to make 2 volumes? Did he just fuck it all up due to his own incompetence? I have no clue to be honest, but it's probably a bit of all of them. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this, but if you're a BR fan or a fan of Tomizawa's works, then you're probably gonna force yourself to read it anyway. Personally, I give it a 4/10.

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 16 [English] [Manga]

Now there's only one chapter to go and that'll be volume 2 complete. Then, it's on to volume 3. Enjoy the chapter, guys. See ya!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Hinamizawa Bus Stop - Chapter 07 [English] [Manga]

Literally me
Hey-ey-ey... I'm so paid. This chapter was pretty great. I hope you've been enjoying this so far like me, but there's only 3 chapters left. Anyway, I don't have anything to say for the most part. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Mashira - Chapter 23 [English] [Manga]

True lovers connected across time and space... *snort*
And that was the end of volume 2. Also, Mashira is taking a break for a bit so that the author can work on more Saeism? Fuck. You're just going to leave us on that, aren't you? Meh. At any rate, aside from my awful and ugly covering up of the redraw, this was a good chapter.
However, I'm rather curious about what is going on behind the scenes and the plot overall. It's probably going to be some Higurashi-type shit, but with the community centre destroyed and everyone dead in sight except for Iori, I hope that his two childhood friends are still alive, but we'll probably get flashbacks for when they break through the wall. Yes, more flashbacks. In any case, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 15 [English] [Manga]

Shit just got real. And man, that's one way to go. Anyway, it's a real shame that not too many people are checking out Saga #2. You'd think plenty of people would considering how popular Crybaby was. Meh. More Devilman for me and you chosen few who actually read this. Enjoy the chapter! See ya!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 02 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Yeah, I did kinda fuck up (that Madonna song starts playing) on a few things in the first chapter, but I did go back and fix them. Anyhow, in the first chapter, there was piss color yellow stains in areas of the color pages which I forgot to mention, and a bunch of dirt and stuff on mostly all the pages especially around the border, so I do have to do some manual cleaning instead of my level script for this which I'd rather not since I'm naturally lazy. But old manga generally do have that sort of thing on them. The Betterman and 5001 Yakuza Wars manga were pretty bad as they had that progressive brown look over all the pages which did effect the quality of the pages IIRC.
Pure Kino
At any rate, they haven't exactly explained so far what's wrong with these Synthetic Humans, but hopefully we'll get some explanations soon. I mean, so far all we've seen is the Love Detective Club annoy the Synthetic Humans because of what they are which I call blatant discrimination. They've literally done nothing wrong, well, aside from ripping one of the girl's arms off. Umm. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 14 [English] [Manga]

Even more talking than last time, but it is an interesting read about Japan's evolution toward a more militaristic nature just like real life among other things. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

The Star of Cottonland/Wata no Kuni Hoshi (Anime Review)

Ah, yes, the story of a stray catgirl getting taken in by a boy. And no, although this sounds like the
plot of the average hentai VN, it isn't. Now, the only reason I watched this was because somebody posted it in the pre-2000 anime thread on /a/ and it looked cute. And well, outside of it being cute, it wasn't very good for the most part. The animation is okay with it being rather bland and lifeless at times and having mediocre to ugly backgrounds, the music is bland and uninspired, but the plot and and cat stuff were kinda neat and it does have a certain charm to it. However, what the movie fails at mostly is being able to gauge the viewers attention or interest with its rather bland characters (outside of Chibi) and drawn out scenes. To be honest, it's just plain boring.
Was it autism
Now, that's not to say there's nothing good about it. The cat stuff with them being visualised as human-like was neat, and the evolving story of Chibi and her childish mind learning from character to character as the movie progresses and her going on an adventure to find Persia/Cottonland, the land of unlimited cat food and sand pits, instead of facing the reality of her friend being dead and the themes and whatnot are interesting... on paper. Because this movie isn't enjoyable or entertaining to watch at all. My brother literally fell asleep watching the film before it even ended, but anime films always suffer from the medium that they're in as it's hard for them to gauge a viewer's interest the same as a live-action film of the same length would. That's one reason why most anime should stay in their typical 24 minute format.
Le pedo cat
To make matters worse, the movie ends on a real depressing note about every-time you wake up, you're one more day closer to being in Cottonland aka heaven, but its played of as a good thing which hurt because it shouldn't. However, it does have meaning in terms of the story, characters and themes and whatnot, I guess. But don't ask me what. I've lost enough brain cells watching this already and I can't be assed explaining. Also, I'm unsure, but did she die at the end or is it just me? *sad face* All in all, while this wasn't very entertaining to watch, it does have some interesting ideas and stuff in it that may perhaps warrant a watch, but it does come off as if written by a Japanese woman with brain damage who lives in a land of giant cupcakes and unicorns. 5\10 from me.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 01 v1.1 [English] [Manga]

Yup. I'll be doing Propeller Heaven since I got hold of good scans from Habanero Scans which I greatly appreciate. However, I'm sure one reason why nobody did this years ago was due to how bad the public scans were. Anyhow, I really love Tomizawa's works. He's pretty good at what he does and his artstyle has buckets of charm if that makes any sense. Make sure to check out Alien 9 and Milk Closet if you haven't already. At any rate, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

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Update - 16th April 2018
Fixed a few things that I fucked up on. Links have been updated.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 13 [English] [Manga]

Poor guy never gets a break.
Great ready for some reading this chapter. Because there's plenty of dialogue. In any case, it's kinda like that until action/events start to unfold which will be very soon. Enjoy the chapter. See ya! Also, don't forget to check out my review of Kekkou Kamen! Bai bai!

Kekkou Kamen (Manga Review)

Yes, one of Nagai's classic smut/comedy manga. For those who don't know, Kekkou Kamen is a smut/comedy manga based in Sparta Academy, a school where the teachers put children through rigorous training schemes in order for them to attain top marks so that they go to the best schools. However, those that don't get top marks are, well, they're tortured sexually, physically and mentally in a dungeon beneath the school every-time to ensure that they get nothing but top marks. But Kekkou Kamen appears naked to save the children from the evil torturers/teachers and their leader, Satan's Toenails, and thus ensues random antics of them trying to uncover just who Kekkou Kamen is through various means.
The art is typical Nagai. Nothing noteworthy.
Sounds hella fuckin' epic, right? Now, I did enjoy this, but it's literally the same joke/gag over and over and to be honest, it gets old real quick and with the manga being 2 volumes long for something like this, Kekkou Kamen overstays its welcome by far. It literally goes like this: some kid gets tortured - Kekkou Kamen appears - bad guys get a stiffy because dood boobies - they're defeated - the day is saved. If this was perhaps 1 volume long, and if it were more so quality over quantity, I'm sure it would have been a lot better. Though, I will admit that it is funny when the theme song plays and the music comes out of thin air, and the bad guys go into in a panic, and some of the random events did get a chuckle out of me.
Kekkou Kamen is... problematic
However, the torture aspects in this are more or less the borderline rape and molestation of young girls played for laughs with all men and boys foaming at the mouth at even the slightest sight of a heel. Because apparently, raping and sexually molesting young girls is funny to Go Nagai. But that's nothing out of the ordinary for him. Now, when all is said and done, Kekkou Kamen is simply something you'd look at for a momentary chuckle, then proceed to flush it down the toilet with the rest of the shit and forget it ever existed. Nothing too amazing or spectacular, but it can be funny at times. Overall, I'd give it a 4/10.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Mashira - Chapter 22 [English] [Manga]

This one hit too close to home
This is just a short mini-chapter, but the next one is coming out very soon so nothing too bad about that. However, volume 02 should be coming to an end with the next one so hopefully something significant should happen. Also, I finished watching Gundam 0083 today and it was decent overall. The start was great, the middle bulk of the show was bad to mediocre, but it picked up near the end. I really hated the MC in it. He was literally insufferable. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Spider Sniper Koroshiya Chapter 1 [English] [Manga]

Here's that manga from the guy who made Getter Darkness I mentioned before. It was a huge pain to do. There was a ton of text and typesetting took some time as well. Because of that, I'm only doing this one chapter and because I just wanted to see what it was like myself and if there would be any interest in me doing it.
Literally me
That said, the manga does look interesting, but there's a lot of work and effort required. I literally could have done 2-3 chapters of Saga in the time I spent working on this single chapter. However, I wouldn't say it was time mis-spent as I did enjoy. It does have a story and message to convey when you look past all the smut and such, but it is understandable if one would be turned off by all that. Anyhow, do enjoy. See ya!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness - Volume 02 [English] [Manga]

Here's volume 2 in all its entirety. Personally, I didn't find it as good as volume 1. For one, there wasn't any bimbo with big ass and tits trying to seduce some shota, but it did have it's moments and I did like it for the most part. All in all, do enjoy. See ya.

Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness Chapter 17 [English] [Manga]

For fuck sake. Stop doing that.
Aaaah! Tired!! Gah. I didn't like this chapter too much. Though that may be part in due to me being exhausted by its end. That, and I really hate how the idea always beg for their lives after everything. It's really stupid. At any rate, this is volume 2 over, but I'll compile it and see if anything needs to be changed or fixed up tomorrow. On Darkness, volume 3 if you haven't guessed the pattern of this manga, will be about Musashi to develop her one dimensional character. It looks stupid, but in a good way, I think. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Hinamizawa Bus Stop - Chapter 06 [English] [Manga]

I really feel bad for Arakawa. That shit just ain't funny. It fucked me up more than Come and See which I watched today I'm just going to randomly let you know. Great movie by the way. Check it out. Anyhow, this was a good chapter, but in the VN, it's the characters from the Bus Stop who take the place of the people in Ara's past, not the characters from the main Higurashi series IIRC. Just a little FYI for y'all.
me irl right now
And thus ends the legend of the field shit man. All in all, that's a pretty realistic take on what it's actually like. I know myself, and I have faith in Ryukishi07 as he himself worked for a child help agency place and had to deal with various things of which he also took inspiration from. Pretty interesting if you ask me. His humble beginnings before aspiring to become a doujin VN author. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 11 [English] [Manga]

You wouldn't believe how little effort it took to do this chapter. Anyhow, Saga #2 has been great thus far, and the rest of it look pretty good, too. Also, fucking Batman! DevilBat! Ahem. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 10 [English] [Manga]

That was a pretty short, but good chapter. And yeah, I know I said I'd be working on Bus Stop next, but I honestly couldn't help myself. Also, more Saga coming next as these chapters are pretty quick to do. Enjoy. See ya!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 21 Part 1 [English] [Manga]

Yeah, we all know what's going to happen next. Her stomach's gonna explode and bugs are gonna fly all over the place. Can't wait until the next chapter. It's gonna be great, me thinks. Also, yeah, it did take 5 months for another chapter of this to come out. There wasn't a peep from the author anything IIRC, but either they just wanted volume 5 to come out, get sales and then continue a bit after, or something happened behind the scenes involving either the author or the artist or some shit.
Even with one arm, he's still awesome
At any rate, I really don't give a shit. I'm just glad it's back, and hopefully it'll go back to its fortnightly release. We'll see on that one. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Chapter 5 [Manga] [English]

Almost forgot about this. My bad, but sometimes I do question myself why am I even doing this. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 02 Chapter 09 [English] [Manga]

Fuck me. It's really been a while since the last chapter, hasn't it? Time sure does fly. At any rate, this was a pretty decent chapter. I really like Nagai's color pages. He's pretty good at those, and if you haven't, do check out that USA Mazinger because that's in full-color. At any rate, this volume and was bought and scanned by Jammin which I really appreciate because we wouldn't have this without him. Give him a round of applause because that was at his own expense. Furthermore, he actually bought the whole lot of them so expect more Saga in future.
Am I cute-uguu? Lovin' 'em eyebrows.
At any rate, I've got to get back to doing and scanning more Bus Stop, so expect another chapter of that next. After that, possibly more Saga or the final chapter of Getter Darkness volume 2. And lastly in other news, I finished reading the Alien 9 manga. It was pretty good overall, but the first volume or two felt rather hollow in comparison to the anime. Emulators also wasn't as bad as I heard it was. I did like for the most part even though there was a bunch of things I didn't like about it. I just wish there was more explanations and alien stuff overall. And yeah, I do know all that's just window-dressing for the themes and message of the story, but still. I wanted more, dagnabbit! Anyway, blog over. Enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness Chapter 16 [English] [Manga]

Is that a JoJo Reference?
I was going to scan more Bus Stop, but I really couldn't help myself. Only one more chapter to go and that's volume 2 done. But before that, I've got scans for more Devilman Saga so expect some of that soon, too. At any rate, enjoy the chapter. See ya!