Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spider Sniper Koroshiya Chapter 1 [English] [Manga]

Here's that manga from the guy who made Getter Darkness I mentioned before. It was a huge pain to do. There was a ton of text and typesetting took some time as well. Because of that, I'm only doing this one chapter and because I just wanted to see what it was like myself and if there would be any interest in me doing it.
Literally me
That said, the manga does look interesting, but there's a lot of work and effort required. I literally could have done 2-3 chapters of Saga in the time I spent working on this single chapter. However, I wouldn't say it was time mis-spent as I did enjoy. It does have a story and message to convey when you look past all the smut and such, but it is understandable if one would be turned off by all that. Anyhow, do enjoy. See ya!

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