Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Star of Cottonland/Wata no Kuni Hoshi (Anime Review)

Ah, yes, the story of a stray catgirl getting taken in by a boy. And no, although this sounds like the
plot of the average hentai VN, it isn't. Now, the only reason I watched this was because somebody posted it in the pre-2000 anime thread on /a/ and it looked cute. And well, outside of it being cute, it wasn't very good for the most part. The animation is okay with it being rather bland and lifeless at times and having mediocre to ugly backgrounds, the music is bland and uninspired, but the plot and and cat stuff were kinda neat and it does have a certain charm to it. However, what the movie fails at mostly is being able to gauge the viewers attention or interest with its rather bland characters (outside of Chibi) and drawn out scenes. To be honest, it's just plain boring.
Was it autism
Now, that's not to say there's nothing good about it. The cat stuff with them being visualised as human-like was neat, and the evolving story of Chibi and her childish mind learning from character to character as the movie progresses and her going on an adventure to find Persia/Cottonland, the land of unlimited cat food and sand pits, instead of facing the reality of her friend being dead and the themes and whatnot are interesting... on paper. Because this movie isn't enjoyable or entertaining to watch at all. My brother literally fell asleep watching the film before it even ended, but anime films always suffer from the medium that they're in as it's hard for them to gauge a viewer's interest the same as a live-action film of the same length would. That's one reason why most anime should stay in their typical 24 minute format.
Le pedo cat
To make matters worse, the movie ends on a real depressing note about every-time you wake up, you're one more day closer to being in Cottonland aka heaven, but its played of as a good thing which hurt because it shouldn't. However, it does have meaning in terms of the story, characters and themes and whatnot, I guess. But don't ask me what. I've lost enough brain cells watching this already and I can't be assed explaining. Also, I'm unsure, but did she die at the end or is it just me? *sad face* All in all, while this wasn't very entertaining to watch, it does have some interesting ideas and stuff in it that may perhaps warrant a watch, but it does come off as if written by a Japanese woman with brain damage who lives in a land of giant cupcakes and unicorns. 5\10 from me.

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