Sunday, 27 May 2018

Alien 9 Champion Red Special [English] [Manga]

This is that special which was in a Champion Red magazine sometime in 2003 IIRC after Emulators came out. It's based years later when Yuri is 18, and interesting enough, things from this do play into Next such as their Alien Countermeasures Van and the like. Guess Tomizawa was planning to do something more all this time, but probably either didn't have time or was too busy working on other things.
This hospital appears at the end, FYI.
Anyhow, I searched to the ends of the internet (literally) for this both in English and Japanese, and the only source I found (or pictures at all) was a Portuguese scanlation site which actually did it many years ago, and much to my bliss, they still had the raws. A little busy bee about it I was because this is rather obscure and I was annoyed about not finding it. At any rate, if you haven't noticed, I'm a big faggot for Alien 9 and Tomizawa's works, so do expect more Tomizawa in future. Enjoy the short. See ya!

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