Friday, 18 May 2018

Alien 9 Next - Chapter 02 [English] [Manga]

Yeah, I don't think I wanna go to that planet anytime soon. Anyway, next chapter goes all "what the fuck is going on", so if you're confused, then prepare to be even more confused next chapter. In any case, it seems that Kumi has named all the Borgs after herself and the others, but I do wonder if the Borg pooping out the younger Yuri has something to do with them being able to store their memories like they mentioned before in the original manga, or we're just supposed to assume that hypothetical space magic particles caused this, or that the shock Yuri got in chapter 1 had something to do with it. Honestly, no clue. I mean, is it a clone of Yuri or is it just the borg with her appearance? I think the latter.

We all know where that's going 
Also, it seems that the ship launcher in the first chapter is a Starseed launcher of sorts, and you're also probably lost on the whole tachyon particle thing, but just read up about tachyons and you'll understand. Anyway, it seems that Megumi is up to no good as usual. Probably thinking of a way to use that kid (who appeared in the background in chapter 1) for Borg stuff like what she did in the original when she told the borg to force a merge with Yuri and getting those boys to triple tag-team and attack her to force her to get used to it.
Now how did THAT get there?
That's also my twitter avatar. Lol. In any case, I'll be working on the next and final chapter of this next and then I'll fix whatever needs fixed up on Saga #3 and compile the volume next... Next next next next next. Enjoy the chapter. バイバイ!

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