Sunday, 13 May 2018

Hinamizawa Bus Stop - Complete Volume [English] [Manga]

And thus the story has come to an end. Now, I was aware that another scanlation group had already finished this before I made a start on this (like the week before when I checked), but since I had bought the book like a year ago before they did and I found out, I wanted to do the Bus Stop manga. Well, that and to one-up my awful and embarrassing attempt at the VN many years ago. At any rate, I included the old scanlation release in the DL link for archiving purposes. And on that, I was going to do the manga back when I did the VN, but the original scanlation group wouldn't share their private raws with me when I asked and acted as if "if we're not doing it, then no one is" which did annoy me because all I wanted was to do the manga. *sad face* Anyway, I'd say the manga is good, but the VN will always be the best. And on the VN, do support MangaGamer when they eventually release it. Enjoy the volume. See ya!

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