Saturday, 5 May 2018

Propeller Heaven - Chapter 11 v1.10 - END [English] [Manga]

Honestly, I have no clue what to make of this. I liked the cute stuff, the characters, the art, and a bunch other things in it, but I'm kinda lost on the entire purpose and meaning of the manga. However, I read on an ancient Japanese site that it's something to do with the futile battle of children fighting against adults and trying to change what they set forth for them among plenty of other things. I wouldn't say this was bad or anything because Tomizawa's work are always like that. They aren't something that you'd fully understand on your first read or a quick read for the most part.
The album version is much better
They're more something that you'd actually have to think about deeply and probably read more than once to fully understand. Also, it seems that there was more of those Hell omakes, but they were printed in the magazine during this manga's publication (according to some 2004 Tomizawa fan site). Just FYI. Anyway, the ending of this is quite open-ended about what would happen next, but having the AHX series (synthetic humans playing the parts in the scenarios to help train sensible humans) and Koito disassembled at the end is quite sad. The thought of Kogane moving on without her brings a tear to my eye.
WAAAH! *crying emoji face*
However, will things simply be repeated since she has the book? Did they simply reuse Koito's parts to another series of machines? Who created synthetic humans? Why are there regular ones? Are they part of the scenarios or are they from before the wars? I mean, there's a ton of questions left unanswered, but I presume that like Alien 9 and other Tomizawa works, they're just window-dressing to make things interesting and to help push meanings and themes. In any case, enjoy the final chapter. The compile with fixes will be coming very soon. See ya!

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