Monday, 7 May 2018

Propeller Heaven - Complete Volume [English] [Manga]

There was a few TL things to fix, but most of the changes were font related. I think like 40-50 had to be edited. Also, I wanted to give the combat synthetic humans a more robotic feel with their font, but I left the generic synthetic human font the same as they're way more human. Anyway, this may seem sorta confusing from the initial chapters and even by how everything ends, but do please read it all the way through. Lastly, on Tomizawa, I'm thinking of working on something else he's done given that I'll be finishing Saga #3 and that Higurashi manga soon, but I'm unsure what. I'll think about it. At any rate, that Yaoi manga JUST will be coming next. Enjoy the volume!

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