Friday, 8 June 2018

Devilman Live Action Official Perfect Bible (Pictures)

I had been meaning to do scan this eventually (given that I bought it over a year ago IIRC), but due to how long it would take, me not wanting to take the book apart (since I had to buy it), my scanner also not being big enough to do double pages of a book that size, and various other things, I thought about taking pictures with my good Nikon Camera instead. However, even then, I only got around to doing it now many months after I thought about it due to being reminded a few times by someone on tumblr.
Uncle Go himself
Anyhow, I'm not a camera guy, so I left the settings on the camera from what my brother had it at, but the image quality isn't the best. It's doable, but it looks rather ugly. If I ever take pics of something again, I'll be sure to fiddle around so that it'll turn out way better. That, and try to take pictures not in an angle. For this, I was literally leaning over a bed and had to place one of my many Sports Direct mugs on pages here and there to hold the pages down.
The Amon manga designs
were like H.R. Giger's Devilman
At any rate, the images were like 10mb each and that's too big for me, so I compressed them, but they're more or less the same even at a quarter of the original size. Also, I did a quick perspective warp version which is smaller and you may want to check that one out instead for a quick look. And lastly, you're probably wondering what this even is. Well, it's an information/data book for the Devilman Live Action. It's got plenty of staff and actor interviews, plenty of design/making of stuff and a bunch of pictures. And I just want to say that I'm fucking glad to get this off my bucket list. Check it out if you're interested. Bai bai!


  1. Do you have any plans for uploading the devilman design works artbook?

    1. I can't remember. Did I say that I had that? In any case,w which specific one would that be? I'm gonna need something to jog my memory, but if I don't have it or if you meant buy it, then no can do. I've spent enough money on random stuff this year already.