Thursday, 14 June 2018

Devilman Saga Volume 04 Chapter 29 [English] [Manga]

I'm gonna have to scratch my head on this one. So, they're saying that Yuki's just a face that Amon brings out and that he's the one who's actually in control? Well, I'm interested in seeing where they go with this. Anyhow, shit starts to go down next chapter, but on Devilman stuff, Seven Seas recently released Devilman Classic Collection Volume 1, and despite the fact that I pre-ordered it from a UK retailer, I got a message a week after its UK release saying "hurr durr we're out of stock" which really pissed me off because it's out of stock everywhere now. Guess I'll just have to play the waiting game. Sigh.
Don't ask
At any rate, my complaints aside, I can honestly picture that if they wanted to make an American Devilman movie, that they'd choose Saga and get Michael Bay to do it all transformers style with these Demon Armour things since they do appear somewhat robotic. Granted, I actually wouldn't mind that as I do unironically enjoy the Transformer's movies. Hope I didn't give you nightmares there. Umm. Enjoy the chapter. Bai bai!

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