Friday, 29 June 2018

Maho Girls Precure Chapter 7 [Manga] [English]

Took me a while doing this on the side over time, but I worked on it a good bit today and got it finished. Anyway, that's volume 1 of the Maho manga done, and next I'll get right on finishing volume 1 of the Kirakira manga. Expect it about a month from now.
Anyhow, this chapter was actually pretty good. We also had some blood and the Prince's father with all women hanging around him. Both of which was rather odd to see in something Precure. In any case, enjoy the chapter and be sure to check out the volume compile I'll be uploading today as well. Bai bai!


  1. p31
    >The curse can't be lifted with
    can only be lifted with

    1. Ah. Must have missed that. I'll get right on it.