Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari - Chapter 01 v1.10 [English] [Manga]

Yesh, more Tomizawa goodness. I'm starting on this, doing a chapter of Armitage 3 and then hitting up on Enchant Land to see what that's like. There's weird stuff in it like that Dream Diary manga, and Armitage 3 is a manga based on the anime of the same name. Haven't seen it, but the manga has a nice 90's art-style.
I think this is my favourite Alice Cooper song
Anyhow, all this sci-fi temporal war stuff is giving me some major Doctor Who flashbacks, but this does seem rather interested from its premise. As to what the manga is about overall, well, I'm unsure, but we'll see. Something something temporal war, some girl who has a turtle for feet and lots of weird stuff as expected. At any rate, do enjoy. Bai bai!

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