Friday, 10 August 2018

Suzu-chan's Cat - Chapter Zero (Japanese RAW)

Here's the first chapter of another random manga that I bought some time ago. Anyhow, it doesn't look very interesting at all. It's about a woman and her male cat feeling cucked by her human boyfriend or something, and so he tries to get between them both. Sounds like the best manga ever made, right? Well, it's two volumes long, but I've got the single volume re-print of it which was printed like in 2011 IIRC from its original 2 volume print in 2001. However, same down-low as before. It'll be scanned on-demand, if anyone wants to translate this, be sure to credit me as scanner and if you need some help, I'm willing to typeset and clean. Other than that, enjoy the first chapter, or rather chapter zero of Suzu-chan's Cat, I guess? Umm. Bye.

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