Friday, 29 November 2019

Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness Chapter 28 [English] [Manga]

Only two more chapters to go before Darkness ends. However, it doesn't abruptly cut as it does have an ending. It's just that the bad guys aren't defeated. Anyhow, there's Dash afterwards to do which came before Darkness. Look forward to that, but I'm unsure if I'll be starting on it right after Darkness. We'll see. That said, do enjoy the chapter. See ya!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness Chapter 27 [English] [Manga]

Sorry for the delay on this. I was meant to have it out about a week ago, but I was busy with work and stuff. Anyhow, do enjoy. See ya!

Gekiman! - Devilman Chapter - Volume 06 [English] [Manga]

And that's a wrap for Gekiman and Go Nagai related things for now. What I want to do now is finish off more Getter Darkness and start on some new stuff that have been sitting in my backlog for some time. That said, I did like working on Gekiman, but the translated script was very mediocre and I had to constantly start and stop to fix things here and there over all six volumes, and at times, the translator forgot (or didn't bother) to translate text boxes here and there. I mean, I know it was from JP to French to English, but there was plenty of laziness involved in the making of the Gekiman scanlation like it was done either with Google Translate (Talking about French and English) or someone with barely a grasp of the English language.

And to make matters worse, while the translator did do a decent job overall, he at times summarized heavy heaps of text instead of translating it normally, which again, I had to fix. Granted, he never did this all the time, but it was like 8/10 times when it came to text boxes with heaps of text. However, all said and done, 15 dollarydoos per volume is a decent enough price even considering the state of things. Though, I hope the original commission of JP to French wasn't that high since that was for French to English. Also, a commission of a commission? *barfs*

Anyhow, while I am complaining a lot, I did fix most of the glaring problems with the translation. Though, that's not to say there isn't still some left because I would have had to literally translate the entire thing myself to make sure it was 100% right and I wasn't looking to spend more time than I wanted to on this. Now, other than TL wise, the scans done by randomraws were good, but like usual, people who scan tend to level/clean raws incorrectly which in turn damages image quality. Granted, it wasn't that big of a problem, but people who scan should stick to scanning alone and leave everything else to people who know more of what they're doing.

That said, I hope people enjoyed Gekiman as it was interesting to read and see everything surrounding the development of the manga. However, if you're wondering if I'll do any other Gekiman myself such as the Cutie Honey or Mazinger one, the answer is no. I'm just busy with things at the moment and need to get more of my backlog finished which in reality, is probably going to take about a year given there's multiple manga with multiple volumes I've to scan and then scanlate. As for what they are, they're nothing special but you'll see sooner or later. Lastly, I think I've mentioned this before, but as you probably realised, Saga is still on hold. All said and done, do enjoy the final volume of Gekiman. See ya!


I was just busy with work and stuff so I only got around to posting the volume edition weeks later.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Gekiman! - Devilman Chapter - #55 [English] [Manga] [FINAL]

And we've finally reached the end of Gekiman. It was a good read overall, but it is a shame very few people were interested in it. Though, people aren't exactly interested in Nagai at all much nowadays so that is expected. Anyhow, when talking about God, Satan says "parents", but if you're a bit confused, God in Devilman's expanded universe has not been a single being, but a collection of Gods just with the "title of God", or a collection of light matter or something like in Demon Lord Dante IIRC. That said, I was under the impression that Wakabayashy was the one who commissioned the translation, but it was actually somebody called Blaahber (as I was let known on Twitter). My bad. Anyhow, sorry for the delay. I've just been busy with work and stuff. Do enjoy. See ya!