Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project (DS) English Translation Progress Update and Full Release - 15/10/14

At last, this nightmare is at an end. Never before had I seen so much text in my life, this was literally insane. No wonder why people hate translating visual novels, they take so long, but it's always worth it in the end. I pulled 3+ plus daily since I began all those long months ago, and even 3-6 the past few weeks. I worked my ass off, even if it was machine translated because that on it's own require re-typing and focus. I doubt you guys want to hear more insane ramblings about her Asuka's endings so I'll just get to it, I just finished translating Asuka's endings today so that's more or less it. The only thing really left is for me to spot check the translation, which will require me to play through the game multiple times, that will take a while so I'm just gonna upload the rom now. There's no need to hold off for a few fixes here and there so go ahead and download it, you will find the link below so enjoy and have fun. Anyway I'll have that guide and such done by the next update, although the game is pretty much straightforward itself so you shouldn't have any problems getting the hang of it.


  • In-game graphics with Japanese characters aren't translated, they require me to access and edit them, something I don't know how to do, but the stats screen is in the guide so you'll all set there.
  • Some names of items aren't full, this will require me to extend the text, again, something I don't know how to do, yet that is.
  • The player name requires you to draw the characters, but it only accepts Japanese so I don't know what to do there. That would probably require skills far beyond what I possess, sadly that'll have to be left alone but I hope people won't be bothered by it.

List of Asuka Endings
  • The NERV republic
  • Dejiko Gamers Ending
  • Scientist
  • Astronaut
  • Studying abroad
  • Tennis championship
  • Swimming championship
  • PE Teacher
  • Pianist
  • Manga artist
  • Rock band
  • Nun
  • Shrine maiden
  • Class-rep
  • Idol
  • Gospel squad Evangelion (Sentai)
  • Anime voice actor
  • Cosplayer
  • Game master
  • Yatterman
  • Cromartie High
  • Waitress with fanclub
  • Convenience store
  • Wedding 1
  • Wedding 2
  • Wedding 3 Otaku
  • Wedding 4
  • Kaji ending
  • Shinji Ending (EP 26)
I added the patch file for those who prefer to do it that way, and the readme for the patch that I put on Romhacking. Now working links on mediafire.

Update - 10th September 2015
Wrote a guide on how to unlock Asuka. Check it out if you're interested. Also, I added it in the list at the top, too. Have fun!

Update - 15th December 2017
Main TL download reuploaded. Link was dead.


  1. When you mention a Team Rocket ending, do you mean Team Rocket? Like probably-should-have-had-that-one-for-rei-because-they're-share-a-voice-actor Team Rocket?

    1. Well not literally Team Rocket but more of a Team Rocket esque ending, I honestly didn't know what the name it from the picture and dialogue so I just went for it. Same goes for the Cromartie High ending, it's actually the delinquent ending but I just named it Cromartie High for a reference.

      Your riding away on a bicycle but only you and another goon is pedaling, while Asuka is simply shouting at you. Much like a Team Rocket scene, they also complain why they always lose which was a nice little reference so I guess maybe it is a reference to them. Who knows.

    2. The day Evangelion makes a Pokemon reference is the da- *Raising Project Manga*- never mind.

    3. Would this be a pokemon reference too or not, her costume looks a bit similar but I'm very unsure. The pic's from the game master ending.

      If your talking about manga, the only Raising Project one they made was a 4-koma. If your interested, I downloaded the scans a while back.

  2. So it's finished!? I just found out about this amazing project today as I was searching for the dreamcast version of it on youtube. I didn't even know they released a ds port. I have a ds and a flashcart, I must totally give this a try. Thanks for your work! Cheers!

  3. Please, release a Dreamcast version of it!

    Sorry for my bad English!

    Igor Isaias Banlian

  4. So I've downloaded it a few times, but every time I try to extract it, I get a message saying that the file is corrupted. Any idea what's wrong?

    1. That's odd, this is the first time it's been reported. Anyhow, you can also alternatively try the patch file off romhacking and see if that works.

    2. Got it to work without the patch by downloading it again a couple days ago. I wasn't able to find out why the first few were corrupted, but out of curiosity, after I downloaded the first file that worked, I went ahead and downloaded a few more times and they all worked as well. So it might have been something on Mega's end that was corrupting the files.

      Any way, I'm having a blast with it. Good work and thanks for putting time into this.

  5. Dude,when I run this ROM with no$gba emulator and go to save,I choose any of available slots and then the screen go black and a message in japanese is appeared and I don't know what is happening.Is the game saving or it's a failure?

    1. I can't remember if the in-game saves work or not with no$gba, but they do for Desume. Anyhow, a work-around is to just use save states. But I don't know why it wouldn't work for no$gba, so I can't help you there.

  6. Hmm, any chance you might do the Shinji Ikari Raising Project? It's for PC but in much the same vein as this one, except the main character is Shinji!

    1. I don't know, but it could be a possibility after I translate Girlfriend of Steel 2 and then the PC version of Ayanami Raising Project. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  7. How could I get Asuka? It shouldn't take that long, right? I used a cheat code, I sent Rei to school on July, 3rd and still couldn't get her.

  8. -_- Sigh, i wonder if i found a glitch, because i can't "talk" to Rei anymore.
    I guess i'll have to start from the beggining all over again.
    It was working like a charm so far, hahaha... sigh.

    1. Happened to me when I played through it, too. However, I presume it to be that her dialogue options have run dry, or it's just a bug. Anyhow, she starts to talk again a few weeks later so it's nothing to worry too much about. Just continue, unless she stays a mute and then you'll have to restart.

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  10. did you have link download for rei ayanami raising project pc or ps2?

    1. Yeah, they're on my Evangelion page. Have fun.

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  12. please do a guide complete
    sorry for my bad english

  13. When it asks for my name what do I do? I try to draw Kanji but it disappears

    1. you can only use hiragana or katakana. the first button under the drawing box switches between them.