Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 140 English Translation

Sorry for the delay. I just wanted to get the first Kyochuu Rettou out first. Seems that people liked it. Anyhow, since Imperial has already got started with Terra Formars and even pumped out 141, that means I just can sit back and point out all their mistakes in the meantime. Hee hee. A bastard, ain't I? That said, overall their translation is good and passable, but there are glaring mistakes here and there (not that I don't make some myself). Let's get started, shall we? Though I won't be pointing out every single issue as that would take all day, FYI.

First off, they seem have got missed or ignored a bunch of sentence particles like "ka" and "ne" among other things. The former indicating a question and the latter indicating sentence emphasis like, "right" and "don't you". Second, Marcos doesn't say "you guys" but "Ladies", which shows that either Imperial choose to adapt that line or just didn't understand what it meant. Third, they even got Anastasia's nickname wrong. What Sergei says can be translated to either Nastja or Nastya, not Nascha. Even more so, it doesn't even appear as a Russian name when Googled, but you know what, both Nastja and Nastya do. What happened there? Fourth, Sergei calls both Marcos and Keiji by their rank number, not their name. How did they go wrong there? Sheesh. Fifth, Michelle's and Akari's dialogue on page 13 is out of whack, and done wrong for the most part.

And the same goes for parts elsewhere in this chapter but detailing every single one would take too long and I'm not that big of an asshole to do so. Compare both versions of this chapter and notice the differences yourself. Well, I'll mention one more thing. On pages 16-17, Imperial had, "this reliability is amazing" even though there is no character for amazing in that line. They just added that. Because as a matter of fact, it simply says "this hopefulness (or reliability and the few other things it can translate to) is..." and that's that because it continues onto the next page with "when we unite in such a form". See what I mean?

Anyway, all said and done, we are both translating from the same text so you're bound to see some similar or same lines here and there. Though I did try a play on words for some of them. And just for the record, I hold no ill intent toward Imperial or anything like that. Hope you enjoy the chapter, and I'll see you next time. Bye!

P.S. - Ran out of credits pages. How sad. Back to the usual, I guess. Also, this was the end of volume 14, so I'll be compiling my chapters as well as my previous one's (vols 12 & 13) for a volume archive release. Lastly, while pages 16-17 were not a double page (check RAW), they do look better joined so I went ahead and did the same, FYI.

Actually, I've been really thinking and I've decided to drop the series. I'll make a post about it tomorrow, and what the future will hold. Sorry, guys.

Update 2 - 8th October
I was actually wrong about that now crossed out part. It was ateji related which is something I have trouble understanding so in turn I actually made a mistake. Anyway, it said #9 below and in small print above, their name. It's an odd thing, really. If they want to say his name, then why don't they just put it there instead of this mumbo jumbo? Also, I added a little more info to the main post about Imperial's mistakes.

Links updated to the chapter version of the volume release.


  1. yeah, just drop it, at least until they drop it, then please pick it up again XD, just leave the yaoi credit page

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    1. I'll add it to the list later on today. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for pointing those mistakes out! Please keep it up!